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Let's Talk Holiday Wine!


Although Rose is thought to be a primarily summer sipper, in actuality, roses are great year around. This time of year, I always incorporate one or two roses into my All Inclusive Wine parties. We opt for roses that are a bit richer and heavier. Look for a Bandol Rose which is made from primarily Mourvèdre grapes and sometimes aged in oak for added texture and richness. Another great option is a Tavel Rose. These are always a hit at our All Inclusive Wine Tastings. They have darker color, are dry with crisp acidity. With a moderate alcohol level, these are perfect for your Thanksgiving table. Both of these wines are widely available and easy to find in your local wine store.

White Wine!

My first recommendation is the often divisive Chardonnay. Many shy away from Chardonnay. But they aren't all butter and vanilla. Chardonnay's however, not only stand up to the many different flavors of the holiday meal, they also compliment everything from starters, to the bird through dessert. I recommend choosing a Chardonnay from the Monterey region of California. These wines tend to have great acidity, subtle creaminess paired with notes of baked apple and spice. Simply look for a Chardonnay from Monterey County, Ca. Additionally, a Macon Chardonnay is a great and affordable option from France.

My second recombination is Resisling. Despite popular belief, the majority of Rieslings are actually dry with great acidity. They pair amazingly well with all types of food, especially spices. I recommend trying some Reislings from New York, or the Riengau region of Germany. To make sure you are getting a dry Riesling, aim for an ABV of 13% or higher. You will be blown away with how drinkable these wines are. Lastly, Rioja Blancs are another hidden gem. If you are looking for a great alternative to Chardonnay, grab one of these. They are a bit harder to find but worth the search!

Red Wine!

For my Red wine lovers, as much as we love big reds, we also love to chat with our friends and family through the day. Heavier red wines are higher in alcohol. Combine that with the the sleepy turkey syndrome and you may miss out on all the football fun and family drama due to a necessary mid day nap. Stick with a delicious medium bodied red. I love a Nero D'avola from Sicily. These wines have soft tannins, notes of spice and dark fruit and will compliment you meal from start to finish. My favorite wine of the season is a Cru Beaujolais, mainly Fleurie. These are light to medium body wines with silky tannins, balanced acidity and beautiful dark, fruity flavors and aromas. In my opinion, Beaujolais is the ultimate Thanksgiving wine.


At the end of the day, no dinner, ( or day if we are being honest) is complete without some BUBBLES!! Keep a dry, refreshing Cava on hand to greet thirsty guests. I love Bohigas Reserva, at just under 20.00 a bottle you can have several of bottles on hand. Instead of having bottles of more commercially popular champagnes, I love 7 Crus champagne. This Blanc du Blanc is made from some of the top Crus of 2008 and 2009, hence the name. Although this is in the same price range as a bottle of Vueve Clicquot, it taste more like a 300.00 bottle of champagne. Nicolas Feuillate is another solid choice that won't break the bank.

Cheers and happy drinking!

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