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Wine perfect for your grilled meats and treats!

Happy Friday Wine Lovers! Fourth of July calls for backyard grilling and chilling. We love crisp whites and roses, but summer doesn't mean we have to hang up the bottles of red. Light to medium bodied reds are perfect chilled and pair with all of our summer favorites. Spanish reds are a great choice. You can find many quality

Spanish reds for less than 20.00 a bottle. Perfect for enjoying during an warm summer evening with friends. Check out some of our favorites!

  • 2018 Bodegas Luzon Coleccion Crianza - Always a hit at our All Inclusive Wine Tastings, this medium bodied red is lush and full of spicy & dark fruit. Great with asada tacos and pizza.

  • Marques de Riscal Rioja Reserva is another wine we pour often and is a Hughe hit. particularly in the summer. Soft tannins, dark cherry and black pepper make this pair with all of your grilled meats.

  • Palacio De Canedo 2020 Ecológico Mencía is another plush gem. These younger vintages show bright fruit and vanilla from a mix of new and used oak. We love this on its own but it is a great base for Sangria as well.

One of the best things about these Spanish is red wines is they are easy to find and easy on the wallet. Add them to your 4th of July shopping list!

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