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Sip Wine Like a Parisian

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Fresh from a quick trip to Paris, we wanted to share some of our favorite wine tips we learned while spending time in and around Paris. Europeans have a different relationship to wine than most Americans. They are more inclined to sip slowly and simply enjoy the flavors while spending time with friends. Here are a few things we can all incorporate into our lives.

1) Less is more. 1 nice bottle of wine, enjoyed with good company and great food all always be a great time. We always say wine pairs best with friends.

2) Don't skip the toast! Every day is a day to acknowledge and celebrate.

3) Remember the 5 S's of tasting.

- Sight

- Swirl

- Smell

- Sip

- Savor

Run through these things even briefly, taking a few moments to really explore the wine will enhance the experience.

4) Don't overthink it. It's wine, not rocket science. Grab a bottle in your price range and enjoy it with friends. Even if it doesn't turn out to be your favorite, you are learning and exploring your palate.

5) Don't be afraid to try something new. Shameless plug, a great way to explore your palate is through wine tasting. Grab some friends and set up an All Inclusive wine tasting with Let's Talk Wine!

Have a question or want more wine suggestions? Reach out to us by responding to this email or DM us on Instagram. We love to hear from our wine lovers! Cheers!

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