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The 3 Different Styles of Pinot Noir and How To Pair Them

Sure, you know Pinot Noir. It's that light, red wine that goes well with chicken. But did you know that there are different styles of Pinot Noir? Let's explore the different styles of Pinot Noir and what makes them unique.

Pinot Noir is a versatile grape. It can be used to make a variety of wines, from light and refreshing to bold and full-bodied. The style of Pinot Noir you drink can depend on the region where it's grown as well as the winemaker's personal style. You may be familiar with the styles that typically come to mind

Light and refreshing - Perfect for summer sipping with their low alcohol and crisp acidity. Medium-bodied and fruity - Perfect year round wine with enough weight to pair with a huge variety of food. From grilled chicken to chocolate desserts, Pinot Noir is understandably a fan favorite.

These are great but let's not for get about Champagne. That's right. With Pinot Noir being one of the Champagne grapes, a 100% Pinot Noir Blanc De Noir is a beautifully elegant champagne. They are full bodied and dry with crisp flavors or green apple and citrus. Pair these citrusy bubbles with rich seafood dishes, roasted pork or chicken.

White Pinot Noir is wine that is made with little to no skin contact, making it a beautiful delicate rose wine or white wine. Although the skins of the Pinot Noir are dark, the pulp is clear. Eliminating the skins gives us a white wine, while minimal skin contact gives us a rose. These wines are the perfect pairing to your seafood or pasta dishes like seafood risotto or chicken piccata. They are also great as an aperitif.

Pinot Noir Roses are fruit forward but balanced with bright acidity. These are great year around rose wines to have on hand. We love pouring these wines with Honey baked ham on Easter or with a summery strawberry rhubarb pie. California makes great Pinot Noir roses and we are big fans of the the Pinot Noir Roses from Sancerre. Both are definitely worth checking out.

We always love to remind our wine lovers that the best way to learn wine is to taste it! What's more fun then grabbing a few friends and opening some new bottles that you have never tried before. Let's Talk Wine offers a great sommelier service. Grab your bottles of wine and let us guide your tasting. This is a fun, hassle free way to try new wines, ask your wine questions and discover some new favorite wines. Contact us to see how Let's Talk Wine can help you explore and elevate your palate!

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