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Let's Talk Rose!

Let's Talk Rose!

National Rose Day is June 11th. And we looooove rose. All types from dark, deep roses to the palest of roses. It is the ultimate summer wine. As soon as the warm weather, Let's Talk Wine get multiple requests for Rosé themed tastings for team building events and in home wine tastings a like. And with such a variety of rosés on the market, choosing one can be overwhelming. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you peruse the wine aisle.

Lighter bodied roses pair well with summer salads, light pasta and seafood. Amazing well with seafood. Fresh oysters, shrimp cocktail or grilled salmon. Try Studio by Miraval or The Palm rose if you are looking for a lovely, crisp, light bodied rose.

Medium bodied roses are a wonderful example of the best of both worlds. Crisp and refreshing like a white wine but with the weight and structure of a Red. These roses pair well with bolder flavors. Grilled meat like lamb as well as fish. These are perfect for your warm outdoors affairs. Look for a Tavel rose from France or Rioja rose from Spain.

We can't forget the sparkling roses. These are on the lighter side and can range from dry to off dry. Look for Brut on the label and pair them with anything from simple cheese and charcuterie to grilled fruit and desserts. Keep in mind the higher the alcohol by volume, the drier the wine will be. Higher alcohol will also give heavier wines. If you are aiming for something like, look for about 12.5% ABV and serve well chilled. P.S., wine tastings are a great way to taste a variety of wine without committing to any of them. And Let's Talk Wine's All Inclusive Wine Tasting allows you to do just that. You can learn more about Let's Talk Wine's wine tasting that come to you here.


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